20 Husbands Name A Last Minute Birthday Gift They’d Love to Get

We asked 20 husbands to name a product they would love to be gifted for a birthday, and the results are a pretty diverse wish list of tech, work out gear, clothes, and toys that can be purchased and gifted at the last minute.  Thank goodness for overnight shipping.


Husband 1: Drones are really affordable birthday gifts right now and easy to order last minute. I would love to bring this on our next vacation and capture amazing videos from the air.


Ultra Light Slim Wallet

Husband 2: No more George Costanza wallets. These are light and slim enough to carry in your front or back pocket. You can find these in travel stores for a last minute birthday purchase, or order online for overnight delivery.

allet wallet
Allet Wallet

TRX Straps/Pull-up Bar

Husband 3: I don’t really want an expensive gym membership. This is a convenient way to work out at home without cluttering our home with weights and dumbbells. You can order this online at the last minute for a birthday.


Patagonia Jacket

Husband 4: Patagonia jackets are stylish, warm, and well made. I want a versatile jacket with plenty of pockets and storage. They are not inexpensive but you know you are investing in a high quality jacket that will last a long time. You can easily find these at the mall or at sporting goods stores at the last minute for a welcome birthday surprise.


Laptop Stand

Husband 5: This stand is ergonomic and clears up much needed space on your desk. It moves the screen up to your eye level so you aren’t hunched over while working. Plus it’s made of strong metal so you don’t have to worry about how heavy your laptop is. You can order this online at the last minute.

rain design

Arcade Games System (Pandora’s Box)

Husband 6: This arcade system brings all the classic arcade games and experiences into your home. Dads and kids will all enjoy this birthday gift, and you can get last minute delivery online.

Pandora’s Box

Bose Headphones

Husband 7: Bose are the best headphones you can find. They’re comfortable to wear for extended periods of time, have the best sound quality, and offer excellent noise cancellation. You can find these at electronics stores like Best Buy or Fry’s, or at the mall for a last minute birthday gift.


Wireless Earbuds or Airpods

Husband 8: Wireless earbuds are more expensive but they are so portable and convenient. Some people say you look weird wearing Airpods but they don’t know what they’re missing. You can find these at the last minute at the Apple Store, Target or Walmart, electronics stores, office supply stores, or online.


Lightning HDMI cable

Husband 11: This adapter allows your TV to mirror your iPhone/iPad screen when you need it. A great birthday gift for anyone who wants to broadcast photos or other apps on a bigger screen. You can find these at the last minute at Target, Walmart, the Apple Store, or online.


Playstation VR

Husband 12: The next big gaming technology, VR is immersive and fun. Anyone who has ever liked video games will enjoy this birthday gift. You can order one online at the last minute or find it at Target or Best Buy.


Portable Coffee Grinder and Brewer

Husband 13: I’m a coffee snob and I want the latest gadgets for my birthday. This portable coffee grinder and brewer lets you make your coffee fresh wherever you are, even on vacation. You can order online at the last minute, find them at local coffee shops like Peet’s or Starbucks, or at upscale stores like Williams Sonoma or Sur La Table.


Salt Gun to Shoot Flies

Husband 14: Heard about this awesome Bug-A-Salt gun and wanted it immediately. Get rid of flies and bugs with endless ammunition. It’s so fun that Amazon won’t even ship this toy to California or New York. If you don’t live in those states, this is a great adult toy that can be delivered at the last minute.


Ostrich Pillow

Husband 15: This would be a hilarious birthday gift and a comfortable travel companion. You can order this online at the last minute.


Rubber Band Guns

Husband 16: Who doesn’t like rubber band guns? You can order one at the last minute online. Adults want toys for their birthday too.


Electric Razor

Husband 17: I don’t have an electric razor now, but it would be really convenient to be able to shave on the go and for the whole process to be quicker. You can find these at the last minute at Target, Costco, Bed Bath and Beyond, or online.


Timbuk2 Bag

Husband 18: Already have a Timbuk2 messenger bag but the new ones are nicer and have more features. These birthday gifts are durable, functional, and attractive with plenty of pockets for all your gadgets and tools. You can find these at the last minute at stores like REI or online.



Husband 19: I feel behind because I don’t have a smartwatch yet. It’s a good birthday gift that allows you to monitor your health, diet, running, texts, etc. and there are so many brands available now. It’s not just Apple. You can find these at the last minute at the mall or online.


Uber/Lyft Credit

Husband 9: Uber credits would be a useful birthday gift to me. It’s a convenient way to travel to and from the airport, for your visitors or your own vacations. You can send a gift card online at the last minute or print one out on the website.


Netflix/Hulu Subscription

Husband 10: This birthday gift gives you the convenience of watching TV and movies on demand. Hulu is now also testing out Live TV. You can email this gift card at the last minute.


iPhone X

Husband 20: You can’t go wrong by gifting me the newest iPhone for my birthday. Everyone wants the latest model. You can pick one up at the last minute at the Apple store, at your cell phone carrier store (AT&T, Verizon, etc), or online.


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