Publish Your Own Books for Photos, Family Recipes, Travel Logs, and More!

The ability to publish your own professional-looking hardcover or softcover books these days is incredible!

It doesn’t just have to be a photo book anymore. It could be a family recipe book, a custom children’s book, a personal travel log, a book of poems, a personal memoir…. anything! And these

Anyone can use a number of publishing websites to design beautiful custom books. The most affordable options are Costco, Shutterfly, Walgreens, or CVS.

If you want to get a little fancier (which will be very tempting once you see how lovely these books are), your options include:

  1. Blurb

An advanced publishing platform for anyone to publish books and magazines (and even sell them online)

blurb photo book
Photo Credit:

2. MyPublisher

The publisher with the most customization options, for those who love to spend hours figuring out the perfect layout and design

mypublisher photo book
Photo Credit:

3. Mixbook

A relatively new publishing site that allows you to throw together an elegant photo book quickly without having to make a lot of design decisions

mixbook photo book
Photo Credit:

4. Kolo

Kolo, the makers of perhaps the nicest physical photo albums you can find, offers these lovely custom options for publishing your own books online

kolo photo book
Photo Credit:

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