Practical Luxury 101: Leather Anniversary Gifts for Your Husband or Wife

Sometimes the best anniversary gifts are what I call practical luxuries – items that look beautiful and well-made but are also very useful tools in your everyday life.


Have you ever seen a luxurious leather wallet or purse that just looked like a really expensive, high end product? High quality, soft leather looks elegant and classy but doesn’t have to be prohibitively expensive. That’s why leather anniversary gifts can be a great idea for men or women.

Leather is traditionally the gift for your 3rd wedding anniversary, but it’s actually a fantastic gift for any year.

Classic traditional gift items could include monogrammed leather wallets, purses, cosmetic bags, tote bags, and messenger bags.

leatherology cosmetic bag

But nowadays there are also more modern and creative leather gifts including jewelry organizers, iPhone or iPad cases, backpacks, laptop sleeves, cross-body iPhone bags, wine totes, weekender duffel bags, document cases, and other useful everyday items.

If you are looking for an anniversary gift idea that is both beautiful and practical, check out sites like Etsy or Leatherology for lovely, affordable leather products. We have no affiliation with either site. We are just fans.

For traditional wedding anniversary gifts such as paper, cotton, leather, linen/silk, and wood, check out our 10 Traditional Wedding Anniversary Gifts by Year for Urban Yuppies (Year 1-5).