Practical Luxury 101: Monthly Anniversary Gift Box Subscriptions


Subscription gift box services are all the rage these days! Who doesn’t like to receive a surprise gift in the mail every month?

If you’re looking for a birthday or anniversary gift idea that keeps on giving, there are so many types of gift boxes that you are likely to find one that’s a perfect fit for your recipient, men or women, younger or older.

Would your girlfriend or wife love to receive a monthly surprise gift containing…

  1. Chocolate samples from around the world
  2. Fun and educational crafts  for kids
  3. Samples of luxury beauty products
  4. The latest healthy food and lifestyle products for health nuts
  5. Organic treats for your dog or cat
  6. The most popular new organic food and snacks from around the country
  7. Greeting cards and stationery
  8. Freshly roasted coffee samples from around the country
  9. Wine
  10. Cookies of the month
  11. Nail polish and nail products
  12. Baby toys
  13. Helpful products for pregnant women
  14. New vegan and gluten free food products
  15. Care packages for college students
  16. Handcrafted cured meats
  17. Creative snacks from around the world
  18. Cute products from Japan and Korea
  19. Dessert samplers
  20. Cocktails and cocktail ingredients
  21. Craft beers from around the country
  22. Luxury grooming products for men

This is only a short list of all of the subscription boxes out there these days, but there are many themes that could make a perfect anniversary gift. You usually have the flexibility to sign up for 1 month, 3 months, or 6 months or more of gift deliveries.

Surf Shop Box

I would pick the monthly cookie sampler for myself, but I would order one of the amazing organic snack samplers to be delivered to my office every month too. Forget anniversary gifts – I started searching for boxes for myself!

The luxury beauty products and fashion accessories boxes are a great anniversary gift for women, and the carnivore, beer, or vice boxes are a great anniversary gift for men.

There are also great art and home decor options for those who want some artistic inspiration on their anniversary.

I selected a very interesting Japanese-themed gift box to try called Bokksu. They send you a monthly box with premium, delicious snacks from different regions of Japan, specific to the season, along with a unique tea to pair with your snacks. For example, I received a box with autumn-themed snacks from Kyoto. I loved sampling the different flavors, and the packaging was lovely and delicately handled like most high quality Japanese products. I’m ordering a 3 month subscription for a friend for her birthday.

Bokksu Japanese Snacks

Check out the gift box review website Cratejoy to screen for the perfect anniversary boxes for your significant other. We have no affiliation with Cratejoy – we are just fans.