20 Last Minute Birthday Gifts Your Wife or Girlfriend Will Love

Thanks to technology, you can get a fantastic gift delivered overnight if you’ve waited until the last minute. I used to panic about what birthday gifts I could find in stores at the last minute, but now there are lots of options online.

Bestselling Jewelry


Forget the crowded mall or the pushy jewelry store for birthday gift shopping. Order your wife or girlfriend one of the top 10 bestselling pieces of jewelry on Amazon and you’ll be all set. Next day delivery is your best friend.


Home Decorator for the HGTV Fan


There are a few great start-ups now that offer interior design advice by the hour. If your wife or girlfriend is obsessed with HGTV and always talks about paint colors and furniture, she might love talking to a professional designer to about your own home. I know I would. And it’s something you can sign up for online at the last minute and print out for her birthday.

Backyard Pizza Oven


This is an amazing birthday gift if your wife or girlfriend likes to entertain or often hosts kids or adults at home. These pizza ovens are a lot of fun for guests and family of any age, and they make quick and delicious meals for small or large groups. They can also be ordered online at the last minute for next day delivery.

Lonely Planet 500 Places to Travel Book

lonely planet ultimate travel
lonely planet

This is one of the most beautiful coffee table books I’ve seen, and one that will inspire your girlfriend or wife to plan your next trip right away.  It shows beautiful, breathtaking photos of 500 places around the world to see, and you’ll want to hop on a plane as soon as you can. I love receiving books for my birthday, and they are easy to order at the last minute.

Wake Up Lamp


If your wife or girlfriend finds it tough to wake up in the morning, consider getting her this natural light wake up lamp, which grows increasingly bright in the morning to wake you up gradually with natural light instead of an abrupt alarm. You can order one online at the last minute for her birthday.

Instant Wine Chiller


These wine chillers are an affordable and useful birthday gift for any wife or girlfriend who loves wine. You never have to worry about chilling that bottle ahead of time when you have an instant device that only takes a few minutes. This is perfect when guests show up with wine at the last minute.

Electric Wine Bottle Opener


Your wife or girlfriend will also love this electric bottle opener because she’ll never have to worry about awkwardly opening a bottle of wine again. You can forget those awkward corks with an electric bottle opener. Make it easy to open up that bottle on her birthday and every other day.

Weekend Getaway

last-minute-gift.jpgSurprise your wife or girlfriend with a last minute birthday trip. It can be a weekend trip somewhere close by, or think of all the destinations within a 2 hour flight of your home.

Coffee Maker/Espresso Machine

Ninja Coffee Bar

Does your wife or girlfriend have a latte habit? You can make perfectly frothed, cafe-style coffee drinks at home with a home espresso machine. If you enjoy entertaining friends or family, they will be really impressed with your beautiful espresso drinks and iced coffees. You can order this as a birthday gift online at the last minute.

Jacket from Her Favorite Brand


Want your last minute birthday gift to be practical? Look at the tags on the jackets that your wife or girlfriend wears. Are they from J. Crew, Nike, Kate Spade, Lululemon, Michael Kors, Northface? Regardless of her style, it’s a good bet she’ll like another jacket from the same brand.

Purse from Her Favorite Brand

longchamp purse

Same goes for purses. If your wife or girlfriend already has 3 Longchamp purses, she will likely like another style from the same brand. Yes, that’s the brand you see everywhere, especially at the airport. Women can never have too many purses, and this is something you can order online at the last minute before her birthday.

Dinner for a Week

doordashIf your wife or girlfriend normally takes care of dinner, take over the burden of dinner for 1 full week. Order food to be delivered on DoorDash or UberEats if you don’t want to cook. Start the week on her birthday.

Fancy Kitchen Appliances


For girlfriends or wives who like to cook, there are an infinite number of high end kitchen appliances and tools they’d love to have, including Kitchen Aid stand mixers, Instapots, Vitamix blenders, Magic Bullet blenders, Sous Vide precision cooking devices, and leave-in thermometers. For her birthday, spoil her by ordering one of these foodie gadgets, even if you have to do next day shipping at the last minute.



The Roomba vacuum, which once aimlessly wandered around bumping into your furniture, is old news. There are powerful and affordable new robotic vacuums with impressive navigation technology that can save you a lot of time and effort now. I like the Ecovacs and Neato brands. You can order them online at the last minute before her birthday. Your girlfriend or wife might love robots too!



There are a lot of attractive options beyond the bulky, masculine looking Apple Watch. Lots of stylish brands including Michael Kors and Fossil now make smartwatches that your wife or girlfriend will love to wear too. You can order them online at the last minute before her birthday.


It’s hard for a girlfriend or wife to say no to a free massage. You can buy a gift certificate on Groupon for a local spa at the last minute and have a birthday gift printed out for your wife or girlfriend in 10 minutes.

Corkicle Stemless Glass


I love these triple-insulated cups for times when you need your drinks to be portable and spill-free. They work as well for hot coffee or tea as they do for chilled white wine – whatever your wife or girlfriend likes to drink. You don’t have to worry about spills, and the mug looks stylish and beautiful – much nicer than an ugly travel mug. This is a practical birthday gift you can order at the last minute.

Luxury Pajamas


There are plenty of start-ups now focusing on updating the luxury sleepwear market. Modern pajamas are no longer heavy robes or baggy button down shirts, things you’d see on 90’s TV shows. Today’s pajamas are all about comfortable materials, soft and lightweight fabrics, and a great fit for your body type. Spoil your girlfriend or wife on her birthday by ordering some great pajamas. She won’t know you bought them at the last minute.

Designer Watch

kate spade watch
kate spade

I love getting new watches on my birthday even though I already have several of them. They are a great accessory that your wife or girlfriend can change depending on her outfit. Watches are more than just a convenient tool to keep track of time – they are a style accessory, and I tend to go back to the same designers I’ve worn before. Plus you can order them online at the last minute.