10 Best Gifts for Your Sister in Law from Her Favorite Brands

I’ve figured out the secret to finding perfect gifts for your sister or sister in law: the power of well-known brands! From my experience, they love receiving a high quality item from Kate Spade or Lululemon whether it’s something they really need or not.

Put yourself in their shoes – I would be delighted to receive a “nice to have” gift from a high end brand that I like! I don’t care if I already have 20 scarves – it would still be exciting to receive a luxurious new Burberry scarf.

Imagine when you go shopping and stop to look at a watch that is way too expensive to buy for yourself since you already have a watch. Wouldn’t you still love to receive it as a gift?

Here are some lovely gift ideas for your sisters from the most popular brands today.

Kate Spade Wristlet Handbag

Kate Spade wristlet
Kate Spade

My sister gifted me a Kate Spade clutch last year, and I loved it even though I didn’t need it. I can’t think of a time when I did not personally enjoy receiving a new designer handbag, purse, clutch, wallet, etc. When your sister unwraps that delicate Kate Spade box and sees the beautiful leather item inside, you’ll be glad to see her smile.

Lululemon Hoodie or Jacket


I will admit that I rarely exercise, yet I still appreciate the comfort and quality of a warm jacket or hoodie from Lululemon. To be honest, I even wear their yoga pants and I don’t do yoga very often. If you have an active sister or sister-in-law who loves to work out and stay fit, she is probably a Lululemon fan. These products are expensive, so people really appreciate them.

Sephora Makeup and Skincare Gift Set


Sephora is a great source for gift sets for women who like to experiment with new make up and skincare brands. My sister in law gifted me her favorite eye liner from Sephora last Christmas, and I loved the personal product recommendation!

Burberry Scarf


I received this as a gift a few years ago in the fall, and I was really excited to wear it that winter even though I already have a huge collection of scarves. Scarves are one of those accessories that women love to receive, but they have to be differentiated to stand out from the rest. Burberry is definitely an investment that your sister will appreciate.

Anthropologie Home & Kitchen Gift Sets


If you’ve ever browsed through an Anthropologie store, you’ve probably come across some beautiful household items that you’d love to have… before you see the price tag and immediately set it back down. That’s why these little splurges can make a nice gift for your sister or sister-in-law.

Kiehl’s Skincare Gift Sets


The signature Kiehl’s box is always a delight to receive. You know you’ll find some creative, fragrant, high quality skincare and hair products inside. I love the shampoos.

Longchamp Travel Purses

longchamp bag

I received one of the expandable Longchamp purses as a gift a few years ago, and of course you see them everywhere at the airport. It’s like every other woman has this purse in a different color. They are super lightweight and convenient to carry around casually or when traveling.

Nike Running Tops

nike womens running top

Athletic tops are another great gift whether your sister works out or not. These are so comfortable, warm, and stylish for serious running or just running errands on the weekend. Nike pullovers are a high quality investment, so your sister will appreciate the thought.

LUSH Fresh Cosmetics Gift Set


If your sister is a fan of bath bombs, shower scrubs, and moisturizers, LUSH has a lot of great gift set options that are well packaged for a delightful surprise. Everything is “fresh” and handmade, so you get that real texture and fragrance that so many people love.

Apple Accessories

apple airpod

Don’t forget the tech savvy sisters out there. There are lots of cool Apple and smartphone accessories that are kind of a splurge, but that I would love to have – like these wireless airpods! I hesitate to buy them for myself because they are expensive, but I would love to receive them as a gift!

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