Last Minute Gifts for Her Under $100 from Her Favorite Brands

Scrambling to find a luxurious last minute gift for her that’s under 100 bucks? It’s easy! Just rely on her favorite brands.

Apple Accessories

Wireless charging dock for iPhone

Every time I go to the Apple store, I see accessories that I would love to have but are a little too expensive for an impulse purchase, like a wireless charging pad, a leather iPad case, a portable wireless keyboard, or new earphones.

Fortunately, these nice-to-have Apple goodies are often under $100 and make delightful gifts to pair with your smartphone, tablet, or laptop! You can order them online for last minute gift delivery or pick something up at your nearest Apple store.

Tiffany & Co. Jewelry

tiffany elsa-peretti-open-heart-pendant

Okay, maybe not under $100 but pretty close! You can actually find necklaces, bracelets, and perfumes priced at $125 on the Tiffany & Co website.

Even if it’s a simple piece of jewelry, there’s no denying the magic of un-packaging a high end brand name gift like Tiffany jewelry. Even if there’s no Tiffany store near you, you can easily order online at the last minute and select quick delivery.


lululemon tote bag

There are many generic gifts under $100 at Lululemon that any Lulu fan would love to have, like a sporty jacket or a tote bag. You can’t go wrong with high quality items that are useful for casual wear, working out, traveling, or just lounging around the house.

You can swing by your nearest Lululemon store at the last minute to pick up a gift, or order online for quick delivery.

Concert or Show Tickets


Does she have a favorite band or artist? Go to Ticketmaster, check out what concerts or Broadway shows are coming to your town in the near future, and surprise her with tickets!

It only takes 15 minutes to make a purchase online at the last minute, and she will love the thoughtful gift. Many event tickets will cost you less than $100.

Fran’s Chocolates

fran's chocolates
Fran’s Chocolate

All chocolate fans know that these are not your average luxury chocolates. During the Obama administration, the White House gifted special boxes of Fran’s Chocolates to foreign visitors. The packaging is high end and beautifully executed, so it’s not surprising that they were selected by the White House.

Fran’s is known to be expensive, but there are plenty of lovely gift packages available online for under $100. Plus Fran’s has very quick delivery options because they don’t want those chocolates melting at the last minute!


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