Remember Funny Stories On Your Anniversary with a Couple’s Journal

A an easy but thoughtful last-minute gift idea is this Mini Journal for Couples, which guides you through some of your favorite memories together through short questions and short answers.

How did you meet? What were your first impressions of each other? What is the first thing you tell people about your partner? If you could take a dream vacation starting tomorrow, where would you go?

You don’t have to do any work here! Just present it as a gift and fill it out together! This is rated PG so it’s safe for all audiences, including kids and parents. Take a closer look: In Our Words: A Mini Journal for Couples

In Our Words Mini Journal

Relive Your Adventures Together with a Beloved Adventure Book

I love this anniversary gift idea! It’s a homemade Adventure Book from the Pixar movie Up. Create a scrapbook with pictures of your past or future adventures together.

adventure book
Adventure Book from the Pixar movie Up

We have so many photos on our iPhones these days that it would take forever to organize all of them into albums. So pick your top 3 favorite photos from each adventure and put them on a single page in this Adventure Book.

Adventures could be fun weekend activities, family reunions, epic European vacations, fun things you’ve gotten to do through your job or places you’ve visited for work, or even big projects you complete together like a backyard garden.

Handwriting Turned into Jewelry

Here’s an interesting anniversary gift idea that has started to pop up all over Etsy: jewelry made with your actual handwriting! You can get any writing sample made into a custom bracelet or necklace these days. If you want a name or phrase in generic cursive writing, you can find a lot of inexpensive options on Amazon. But if you want something created based on someone’s actual handwriting (maybe a mother’s or grandmother’s writing), check out Etsy for some really lovely options. I think this would be a very heartfelt gift for Mother’s Day as well.

Amazon Personalized Necklace – Generic Handwriting