An Anniversary Time Capsule to Open in 5 or 10 Years


There are so many creative ways you can use time capsules as last minute anniversary gifts!

  • Start a capsule and add 1 item to it every year (credit: an episode of the Cosby Show)
  • Create a capsule that you don’t open again for 10 years, or on your 10th or 20th anniversary
  • Create a capsule of items that your kids can open 10 years from now

Time capsules can be as simple as finding a box you already have and filling it with meaningful items at the last minute. If you want to get fancier, you can buy an inexpensive bullet thermos that looks like a futuristic time capsule! For some reason, its really hard to just buy a tubular container that is meant to be a time capsule, so you have to improvise!

So what do you put in this time capsule?

  • Photos
  • Wedding photos or memorabilia
  • Things that remind you of special experiences, like concert tickets, ticket stubs from your travels and vacations, receipts from anniversary meals, etc
  • Front page of today’s newspaper
  • Time Capsule book, a shortcut method of capturing what your life is like today (what your typical day is like, what important decisions you’ve made lately, your hopes and fears, your advice for your future self, your favorite music and food at the moment, who you are spending your time with, what fun trips you’ve done lately)