10 Best Laptop Accessories to Give as Last Minute Gifts

I could name lots of laptop accessories and gadgets that I would love to splurge on. I use my laptop for at least 8 hours a day, and there are always new and interesting devices that would make my life easier.

If I had to pick the best accessories that I would love to receive, this would be my Top 10 list. You can easily find all of these gadgets online with overnight shipping if you’ve waited until the last minute.

Portable Laptop Power Bank

Maxoak Laptop Charger

This is a must-have gift for people who are on-the-go laptop users. I’ve been in many situations where I can’t find an outlet and I’m low on battery. Like a portable cell phone charger, I use this gadget all the time to get last minute power to my laptop, especially when traveling. These compact blocks have serious juice and can fully charge 10 cell phones on one charge but they also weigh a little more, usually 2-3 pounds.

Laptop Docking Station

Plugable Docking Station

This gift is primarily for people who like to plug in an external monitor, keyboard, and mouse into their laptop, whether they are working at a home or office work station. Whether you are using a Mac or a PC, a dock allows you to plug all of those cables and wires into a single compatible brick. It feels good to clean up the mess of cables on your desk, and you can find these online or at electronics stores at the last minute.

Wireless Earbuds

apple airpod
Apple Airpods

Airpods are probably the best options for wireless earbuds, but they are also the most expensive. There are plenty of less expensive Bluetooth earbuds on Amazon that work just fine as last minute gifts but are a bit less convenient in terms of quick syncing when you want to switch back and forth between speakers and earbuds.

Ergonomic Laptop Stand

Amazon Stand

Working on laptops is terrible for your posture because you sit for hours with your head tilted down towards the screen. The ideal position for sitting naturally is to place your laptop on an elevated stand so that the screen is at eye level, then use an external keyboard at the level of your elbows. For people who work on laptops frequently, a laptop stand is an inexpensive way to reduce neck and shoulder pain. There are sleek-looking laptop stands and functional-looking stands, so you can pick your last minute gift based on how much your recipient values style.

Adapters to Project to TV Screens and Monitors

Mini Display Port to HDMI

This is a great last minute gift for anyone who just bought a new laptop or who likes to project to TVs. The newest laptops today are lightweight but contain few ports, so connecting to TV screens and external monitors usually requires adapters. Older laptops and newer laptops have completely different ports, so you usually need some kind of adapter to keep using your old devices when you’ve purchased a new laptop. One of the most popular adapters is a Mini Display Port to HDMI adapter, which allows you to project most laptops onto a TV screen.


Meko Stylus

Many laptops today come with touch screens, and a stylus is an easy way to interact with a touch screen, regardless of whether you are working on artistic projects or taking notes. Some stylus pens now come with a clicker that can advance Powerpoint slides when giving presentations or that allow you to open up designated programs with just a click. They’re a relatively inexpensive but useful last minute gift.

Extra Power Supply

I have two chargers for my laptop – one at home and one at work. This setup has been very useful on more than one occasion. I hate carrying around the power supply because it is extra weight and doesn’t fit neatly in a laptop sleeve. Power adapters can be quite expensive depending on what kind of laptop you have, but having more than one is a nice luxury. The best gifts are often accessories that are not must-haves but are nice to have.

Wireless Ergonomic Keyboard

Logitech Ergonomic Keyboard

Give the gift of pain relief. After working on a laptop keyboard for hours, you may feel your wrists, forearms, or shoulders getting sore. That’s because most laptop keyboards are small and cause you to hunch your shoulders inwards in order to type. It’s not a natural position for your body to be in – that’s why many laptop users choose to dock their computers and use external keyboards that are more comfortable. You usually don’t see students doing this because they are too young to have sustained computer-related pain, but it’s never too early to pay attention to these things.

Vertical Mouse

Anker Vertical Mouse

If you know someone who has felt the pangs of carpel tunnel pain in their wrists, consider gifting them a vertical mouse. Traditional mice cause you to twist your forearms into an unnatural position, which can cause pain after hours of work. The more natural position is for your hands to be tilted vertically with your thumbs on top, as they are when you are standing at ease with your arms relaxed by your side. Vertical mice allow you to keep your arms in this relaxed position. These are an investment but a very nice gift that can be purchased at any electronics store at the last minute.

Laptop Sleeve

ProCase Sleeve

Give the gift of hardware protection and style in one. Laptop users love having a few different cases or sleeves to rotate between. Whether the material is sleek leather, gray felt, or waterproof fabric, sleeves are a great gift for both professional or casual use. You can also find these at the last minute at department stores or electronics stores.

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